The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

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This was lunch today
Everything bagel with cream cheese, sprouts, tomato, cucumber, and avocado. A little salt, a little pepper and a nice squeeze of lemon finished it off. Yum!

orange, pineapple, almonds, taco salad: romaine lettuce, black beans, cilantro, green bell pepper, cucumber, green onion, avocado, tortilla chips, and salsa

The FullyRaw BurritoVideo Recipe Here!All Ingredients:    * Large Collards Leaves    * 1-3 Colorful Bell Peppers    * Half of One Zucchini    * One Cucumber    * 1-2 Shredded Carrots    * Juice of 3 Lemons    * Tomatoes (Beefsteal or Cherry)    * Small Bunch of Cilantro    * Green Onions    * Few Leaves of Arugula    * Alfalfa Sprouts    * Tsp of Cumin    * Less than a Quarter Cup of Sesame Seeds    * Quarter of an Avocado    * Optional: Red Onion, Spicy Peppers, and Celery BitsFor the Awesomesauce!    * Half a Zuccini (more if desired)    * Less than the quarter cup of Sesame Seeds    * Juice of 3 Lemons    * Few Sprigs of Green Onion    * 1 Bell Pepper (preferably red)    * Optional: Spicy PepperDirections:   1. Take your collard leaf and destem the backend (not fully), but just enough to take away the very thick part of the stem as shown in the YouTube video above.   2. Lay out your leaf.   3. Blend the ingredients for the saucy spread! Spread on the AWESOMESAUCE with the ingredients listed above.   4. Spread the Awesomesauce on the back of the leaf.   5. Chop, slice, and dice all other ingredients and layer them on top of the sauce on the leaf.   6. Top with a slice of avocado, sprouts, or more sauce!   7. Fold in the sides and wrap around the ends.   8. Flip over the burrito “baby” and cut it in half with a knife!   9. Allow all the beautiful colors inside to be shown to you….  10. Take a BIG BITE and savor!

Frozen fruit pops :)

Rainy day in Paris

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On this plate is a collection of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.

I know - it looks like your average salad plate but it was so. good. I ordered the roasted potato, aubergine and tomato bake with ‘all the salads’ which included some couscous dish that was sweet and tangy and is the answer to life itself, a coleslaw that I think had apple in? I usually hate coleslaw as I detest mayo, but again, this was lovely. There was also some cucumbers in a tzatziki type dressing, a garlicky pasta salad, some balsamic, peppery tomatoes and a little bit of crisp romaine.

I wolfed this down as if it was the sweet nectar of the gods.

My dad also had their chocolate cake (which is vegan) and loved it! Soon I’ll convert him, mwa ha ha.

(This is all from the Blue Moon Cafe - the vegetarian/vegan haven of Sheffield!)


Baked tofu, mashed potatoes with kale, and a salad.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that everything shown is locally grown and bought at the farmers market or from our own garden!

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Protein for vegans

In fact;there are proteins in sooooo many food,I just don’t get what we were raised to think it can only be obtain from meat….


Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche, a 17 year old Tibetan lama, puts over one thousand lobsters who were going to be boiled alive and eaten, back into the ocean.
The same lama, while visiting eastern Tibet, similarly saved over 2000 yaks from being slaughtered.

(Source: deportallwhitepeople2k14)